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Capital Gains Tax & Deceased Estate Property Valuations

There are few certainties in life and death and paying tax are two of them. We can help you pay the right amount of capital gains tax by providing you with an appropriate and accurate valuation of your property for this purpose.

If you belatedly realise you are liable for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) no need to worry. We provide fair retrospective or back-dated house and property valuations for capital gains tax purposes.

If you want to know more as to how we can help you pay the right amount of Capital Gains tax please give us a call. We have significant experience in this area and can assist you with working out the best approach to valuation issues. All our valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute (API), follow API’s best practice standards and provide quick turnaround times.

Questions you may have…

Why do I require a valuation for Capital Gains Tax?

To calculate Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability, you require a  property valuation to determine the cost base. This is where we come in and can help you with a purposeful and accurate valuation.

In what situations do I require a valuation for Capital Gains Tax liability?

If you move out of your home because you decide to rent it out or lucky enough to contemplate redeveloping the land for reasons other than as a place of the primary residence or for any other reason, then the day on which you moved out is the day you start accruing Capital Gains Tax (CGT ) liability. The house or property valuation on that day provide your cost base for future Capital Gains Tax calculations.

Why should I use My Valuation?

Simple. We listen. We communicate with our clients on a one-to-one, easy to understand basis.

We will converse with you to understand what it is that you want from a valuation. Once we establish your valuation requirement we will then take instructions and proceed to provide you with a well-researched, simple to understand and accurate report.

Since 1991 we have been listening and helping clients with their valuation requirements.

Our team at My Valuation are all qualified valuers with years of experience, members of the Australian Property Institute and bound by their professional practice standard, ethics and code of conduct.

How is a property valued?

A property valuation always starts with a site inspection during which the valuer will measure the property and collect relevant internal and external property information.

As we all know the best indication of value is what others have paid for a similar property in a similar location. So the most common method of valuing a property remains analysis of comparable properties sold in the locality.

In more complex cases there are other valuation methods such as simulation and normative modelling. Regarding these two we will be happy to discuss these other methods personally with you for your difficult to value property

Irrespective of the method used the valuation process should be holistic and must remain independent, logical and the outcome verifiable.

Our team at My Valuation are skilled and experience and are able to draw in this expertise to provide valuations that are logical, internally consistent and transparent

How much does a valuation cost?

The cost of a valuation depends on what is being valued and the purpose for which the valuation is required. Our valuations start from $350 plus GST. Sometimes we charge for disbursement for items such as the cost of title and other Lands Title Office searches.

In all cases we are very negotiable and will match any reasonable quote in addition to providing better quality service.

Our team of Valuers at My Valuation are all qualified valuers with years of experience and members of the Australian Property Institute. This means we are bound by the API’s high professional practice standard, ethics and code of conduct.

Can you provide retrospective valuations or an back dated valuation?

Yes, we can. These valuations are usually for tax purposes.

The cost is usually marginally higher due to the additional work involved in assessing earlier zoning and land use control regulations and earlier sales.

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