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Compulsory Land Acquisition Property Valuations

We really love this aspect of valuation.

It is always a very stressful and difficult time if a government agency comes knocking on your door to acquire it.

In practice there is very little an owner can do other than seek compensation for the loss because of a land acquisition. In assessing the loss, the relevant value concept for the Compulsory Acquisition valuation is NOT market value but rather the “actual value of the land taken”.

It is important that you get proper advice from a valuer experienced in Compulsory Acquisition Valuations  which is a highly specialised field.

We know Compulsory Land Acquisition Valuations well. We have been doing Compulsory Land Acquisition Valuations since 1991. We will sit down with you, adequately understand your loss, then conceptualise the loss as a result of the Compulsory Land Acquisition and adopt either any of the traditional approaches to valuation or an appropriate innovative valuation model that is simple to understand yet well-defined to assess your loss as a result of the Compulsory Land Acquisition.

Give us a call. All our valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute (API), follow API’s best practice standards and provide quick turnaround times.

Compulsory Land Acquisition Valuations Consider The Following:


Age of Home and Buildings

Current Market

Neighbourhood Assessment

Presentation and Overall Condition Inside & Out

Features & Improvements

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    Your valuation was not only comprehensive and competent it was fair which facilitated a speedy settlement and spared me further emotional turmoil. Great service on our Matrimonial property settlement.
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    We appreciate your prompt and professional manner along with your most affable valuer, Kofi. Great valuation for tax purposes.
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    Property Valuation for Tax Purposes
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