MyValuation can help you

Whatever your reason for requiring an independent valuation
chances are we can help you.

Our services include:

  • Valuations of houses, shops, offices, industrial properties and other non-residential properties and property advisory
  • Specialised purpose independent valuations
  • Legal valuations for houses and non-residential properties
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Development appraisals/valuations for both project and product – feasibility studies.
  • Strategic Property Reviews.
  • High level problem solving, valuation modelling with the ability to bring complex property information into practical application.
  • Expert witness valuations for houses, shops, offices and industrial properties.

Why Get a House or Property Valuation:

  • Buying a house, small farm or commercial property and wanting independent valuation advice
  • Pre-purchase valuation advice for houses, small farms and commercial properties
  • Just the need to know the true value of your house, small farm or commercial property
  • Valuations of homes and small farms that are places of primary residence for pension purposes
  • Objections to your land tax or council valuations for houses, farms and commercial properties
  • The government is acquiring your home, small farm or investment property and you need independent valuation for fair compensation
  • Selling your house or commercial property
  • Valuation for stamp duty purposes for houses, small farms and commercial properties
  • Valuation for capital gains tax purposes including deceased estates for houses, small farms and commercial properties
  • Valuation for family transfers of houses, small farms and commercial properties
  • Valuation for matrimonial/family court property settlements
  • Valuation for de facto property settlements
  • Community title lot entitlement sheets for land divisions, residential and commercial properties
  • SMSF compliance valuations for all types of properties
  • Commercial rent reviews
  • Bankrupt estates

We also provide valuation services to:

  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Accountants
  • Conveyancers
  • Developers
  • Private Property Companies

Our Staff

Our valuation staff are full members of the Australian Property Institute with considerable years of experience behind them. We communicate with our clients on a one-to one, easy to understand basis.

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