Our Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase House and Property Valuations are Transparent

Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase Property Valuations

Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase House & Property Valuations Consider The Following:

The real estate market is notoriously imperfect. Asking prices are generally advertised and are in the public domain but the price at which a property sells for is only known by a handful of people who work in the industry.

Though agents provide reasonable guidance as to the market value of a property there is a perception out there that the opinion expressed by an agent is influenced by other considerations.

We are totally independent with no vested interest. We can provide you with an independent valuation of your property be it a dwelling, shop, office, warehouse or any other property that you wish to sell or buy. You can use this independent valuation figure to assess the information provided by agents or just simply for your peace of mind.

Give us a call. All our valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute (API), follow API’s best practice standards and provide quick turnaround times.


Age of Home and Buildings

Current Market

Neighbourhood Assessment

Presentation and Overall Condition Inside & Out

Features & Improvements

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    Your valuation was not only comprehensive and competent it was fair which facilitated a speedy settlement and spared me further emotional turmoil. Great service on our Matrimonial property settlement.
    Matrimonial Property Settlement
  • best adelaide home valuation
    We appreciate your prompt and professional manner along with your most affable valuer, Kofi. Great valuation for tax purposes.
    P & DK K
    Property Valuation for Tax Purposes
  • best adelaide home valuation
    The consistency of the analysis was powerful resulting in the landlord’s legal team settling with us. We will recommend you to our clients for Commercial litigation valuation.
    Commercial Litigation Property Valuation Service

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